Developer Mode

Developer mode is the way with which you can display DroneDeploy App Zones - areas within the UI where you can have apps.

You can enable Developer mode with the following steps:

  1. This will make various areas in DroneDeploy available for app development

    1. Full list of app zones that can be specified in the serverless.yml configuration

      map-page: # DataOverview (Explore page)
      auto-exports-explorer: # AutoExportsExplorer
      project-files-explorer: # Overlays (modal)
      preflight-checklist-page: # Checklist
      exports-page: # Exporter
      organization-app-management-page: # OrgAppManagement
      flight-planning-page: # PlanningOverview
      project-settings-page: # ProjectSettings
      user-settings-page: # Settings

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