Follow Checklist


    I have reviewed the UI Kit and implemented elements within DroneDeploy's design guidelines such as typography, layout, colors and components.
    My app uses components (wherever applicable) provided in DroneDeploy UI Kit?
    My app uses color: color: #2196F3 for all components as specified within the UI KIt provided by DroneDeploy.
    I reviewed the typography section and my app uses Lato font [Found in the UI Kit download section)?
    My app layout complies with the layout as specified within the side panel grid section.
    I have tested my app on Chrome browser?
    I have tested my app on Safari?
    I have tested my app on IE and Firefox?
    I have tested my app on iOS or Android device?
    My app includes the success condition tracking?


    My app has a high resolution logo?
    My app has a short description?
    My app has a description containing release notes and directions to use my app? Please note that you can use basic HTML to style your description.
    I have included at least 2 (4 recommended) screenshots for my app?

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