How can I get app ideas?

What is the DroneDeploy App Market?

The DroneDeploy App Market is a drone data platform that enables developers to build apps and publish them for distribution, directly in the DroneDeploy UI. DroneDeploy users from around the world can then access these apps in the App Market. By building these apps with DroneDeploy's suite of APIs, users can put them to work in pre-flight planning operations, data analysis activities, and more. Developer's apps are available cross-platform, on all supported devices. Developers have the option to monetize apps with simple revenue share — 70% to the developer, 30% to DroneDeploy.

What APIs do I get access to?

Go to the API section of these docs to see what is available. We are constantly working on building out more API access points. New APIs are released within these docs as soon as they're available.

How do people discover my app?

Once your app is published to the DroneDeploy App Market, any DroneDeploy user — regardless of whether they are a free or paid user — can discover your app. Then they can add your app to their account.

How do people use my app?

If your app is free, any user can use it after they add it to their account. If your app costs money to use, only paid DroneDeploy customers will be able to use it. If a free user adds your paid app to their account and tries to use it, they will be prompted to become a paid customer so that they can use your app.

If I make a free app, can all users access and use it?

Yes. Everyone, regardless of DroneDeploy customer status, can access and use free apps.

I want to monetize my app. How do customer payments work?

Payments are processed by DroneDeploy. To make a paid app, you can use the Payments API. When a user tries to use your app, they will be prompted to accept the charge that you specified via the Payments API. Upon accepting the charge, your app will run and the user will expect their result. Currently, apps can be monetized on a transactional basis (user is charged every time they run your app). In the future, it will be possible to create subscription services where users are charged monthly.

Do I have to provide a free trial?

DroneDeploy strongly encourages developers to provide users a free trial, where possible. This can jump start usage of your app and allow you to gain users who normally would not have tried your app. Developers can code in their own free trial mechanisms.

How big is DroneDeploy's distribution?

DroneDeploy's distribution network is global. Your app is available to tens of thousands of active drone users across 180+ countries. From the single, small business, all the way up to large enterprise companies with many users. There is a large appetite for drone data apps.

How much can I charge for my app?

That's entirely up to you. Pricing methods vary for different types of data products but can be charged by the acre (common in agriculture), by the image, or with a flat fee. What you decide to charge is up to you and the quality of your app.

What are some examples of other apps?

Sign up for a free DroneDeploy account to browse current apps in the App Market (you'll need one anyway to publish an app). You can also check out the App Developer Forum to see apps that drone users are requesting from around the world.

How do refunds work?

We expect your app to perform as advertised. DroneDeploy subjects all published apps to a rigorous, internal Q.A. assessment that verifies quality, functionality, and performance. More information can be found in the section on submitting an app for review.

When and how do I get paid?

Developer revenue share payments are aggregated and sent at the end of the month. To get paid, you must fill out an App Market Monetization form. There are three different App Market Monetization forms. Only one of them will apply to you:

  1. Domestic Developers

  2. International Developers (entities)

  3. International Developers (individuals)

Developers are paid via bank transfer. Please contact the DroneDeploy Developer Team at support@dronedeploy.com to request the proper form and get set up for monetization.

How much is the revenue share?

Revenue share is standard. 70% of the total revenue of the app goes to the developer and 30% of the total revenue goes to DroneDeploy.

How do I know what app to build?

You can check out the App Developer Forum to see apps that drone users are requesting from around the world.

Where can I talk about apps with other developers?

Go visit the App Developer Forum to see which apps drone users from around the world are requesting.

How can I get general developer support?

Contact the DroneDeploy Developer Team at support@dronedeploy.com

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