You can use Track.send to easily add tracking to your app.

const eventName = String;
const optionalEventData = Object;
dronedeployApi.Track.send(eventName, optionalEventData);

Example Call

dronedeployApi.Track.send('Crop Export Requested', {
size: 100,
member: true,
timeUntilPurchaseInSeconds: 278



Track.successCondition() should be called when the user performs the desired action in your app. This could be making a purchase, running a query, downloading a report, etc...

DroneDeploy will use this call to make your app more successful by....

  • Marketing your app towards user types that score high in this success condition.

  • Identifying inconsistencies in success conditions from different browsers or operating systems can reveal bugs.

  • A / B testing of different versions of your app (future feature)

Example Call


Accessing Tracked Data

You will be able to access the information DroneDeploy tracks about your app, including...

  • App installs and uninstalls

  • App renders

  • All DroneDeploy API calls with arguments

  • Custom track events via `Track.send`

  • App runs via `Track.successCondition`

To opt into the recieving tracking information please create a free segment account and add your write_key to your apps information.