Tiles are the images that the user sees that comprise the map. As the user zooms it loads a new tile layer of the tile pyramid.

Most maps start zoom level 16 (Z) and get more detailed as the the zoom gets higher. Many maps only have tiles upto zoom level 20 or 21 a few very detailed maps may have zoom level 25.

Many mapping libraries support tile pyramids, I.E. filling in these values /{z}/{x}/{y}as the user pans and scrolls. Included libraries are leaflet, mapbox gl, google maps, and many more.

API Parameters

const planId = String;
const layerName = 'ortho' || 'dem';
dronedeployApi.Tiles.get({planId, layerName})
.then(function(tileInformation){ console.log(tileInformation) });

Example Call

dronedeployApi.Tiles.get({planId: '5605c0e5752afc005a000004', layerName: 'ortho'})
.then(function(tileInformation){ console.log(tileInformation) });

NOTE: The two example maps that come with your account don't work work this API because you don't own those maps. Please visit this page for an example dataset.

Example Response

template: This is the tile url template dronedeploy uses to fetch tiles on the map as the user scrolls around. Z represents the zoom level, X and Y represent the coordinates in mercator projection.

expires UTC timestamp for 30 days

expires: 1478214226365,
template: "https://public-tiles.dronedeploy.com/1477521235_DILLONOPENPIPELINE_ortho_xul/{z}/{x}/{y}.png?Policy=eyJTdGF0ZW1lbnQiOlt7IlJlc291cmNlIjoiaHR0cHM6Ly9wdWJsaWMtdGlsZXMuZHJvbmVkZXBsb3kuY29tLzE0Nzc1MjEyMzVfRElMTE9OT1BFTlBJUEVMSU5FX29ydGhvX3h1bC8qIiwiQ29uZGl0aW9uIjp7IkRhdGVMZXNzVGhhbiI6eyJBV1M6RXBvY2hUaW1lIjoxNDc4MjE0MjI2fX19XX0_&Signature=RxAMowpa1AxVdJ1HFdduwllksyyP2XGgEteisdAqjPrheTLIyq7-a1Xk68Tx0kxquM9-cY-sY8kbmmmwdpsQgLPc~mg5MlXRICuCunZ~qdZ-9qVMBeTTgH8ZxAqnPfbQ764y~f6CfH1q~gCT0NTHTT4X8~MKmCjztWvhB3ji6NkipzxYrm4osf60FFjf8IuaOUvBtzOv5Q1J6qXXiyRG4AtDmZWeVlSUQ7UH1UtzQpIPfLqq~EgX7XNDqt12rRckkRGWowm5uOGFT62tQ2fgF77KZCScJZ4HbmRFUHcD27GME~5uY6gakA~ydKDIcgX8emKpbENGyjdWJZ1lGggQFA__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJXGC45PGQXCMCXSA",

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