Javascript API

App Zones

App Zones are areas within DroneDeploy where your app's contents can be displayed.

Here is a full list of available app zones within DroneDeploy:

map-page: # DataOverview (Explore page)
auto-exports-explorer: # AutoExportsExplorer
project-files-explorer: # Overlays (modal)
preflight-checklist-page: # Checklist
exports-page: # Exporter
organization-app-management-page: # OrgAppManagement
flight-planning-page: # PlanningOverview
project-settings-page: # ProjectSettings
user-settings-page: # Settings

API Overview

All communication to DroneDeploy is available by instantiating the global api object

new DroneDeploy({version: 1}).then(function(dronedeployApi){

Note: The following code represents example usage. Replace Class and method with the actual class and method from the API.

You can listen to the result of any dronedeployApi call via promises.

new DroneDeploy({version: 1}).then(function(dronedeployApi){
    }, function(error){

You can listen to the result of any call via promises.

}, function(error){

Note: The promise polyfill is loaded into every app. Read More about Promises

If you are subscribing to a stream of data and want to receive multiple values you should use .subscribe.

new DroneDeploy({version: 1}).then(function(dronedeployApi){
    function(result){ console.log(result)},
    function(error){ console.log(error)},
    function(){ console.log('complete')}

Note: This pattern is inspired by rxjs, but rxjs is not loaded into apps.

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